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Just about anything, think it we we'll build it

What we do

niafikra is basically a highly focused technical team. Our primary focus is software engineering. We develop software that is highly integrated. We also make software that helps integrate other systems. Furthermore we develop systems for developing countries. This implies developing for resource constrained environments.

How do we do it

We are an agile team, and we use a modified version of SCRUM for project management. Our technical team has skills in System Analysis ,Design (OOPs) and Implementation using competent technologies and the best practices in software engineering.

Company name,niafikra

niafikra is made up of two words, nia and fikra.

nia is a swahili word which means will, it represents the company's strong will to achieve something. nia is also the last three letters of the word Tanzania, the country where niafikra originates from. Furthermore nia is a recursive acronym for nia integrates all, which defines the kind of projects that niafikra is interested in.

fikra is the swahili word for thoughts. This represents how we use our minds to consider things carefully when finding solutions.

To keep with the artistic tradition of misspelling names, niafikra is just the wrong spelling for niafrika, (notice the tricky shifting of the position of the letter r). The correct spelling is “ni afrika”. Swahili for “it is africa”. Niafikra when pronounced as a whole also sounds like “near fikra”. Which translates to “closer to thoughts”.
We aim to make the gap between what can be thought of, and what can actually be achieved, be pretty small.

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