Our methodology

We use SCRUM for project management and tracking.t

think it, we'll build it.

With an incredibly skilled agile software engineering team, niafikra can easily transform the thoughts about the software you want into a reality. We put a lot of effort and creativity to ensure the software we build for you closely matches your needs. We build our software with the best tools around, ensuring that you get what you exactly need. Our software adapts to you and not the other way round. You can use our existing products or we can create software just for you A key characteristic of niafikra is that we leverage existing open source solutions only where they seem to fit and don't force them where they don't fit. Hence every now and then we build software from scratch and for that reason we understand our software inside out and we can bend it to any direction we want according to our will, ensuring that you get exactly what you requested.

Having integration problems? nia integrates all

Every now and then you might need new software to work and coexist with your existing systems. Our team can make software that appreciates, uses and integrates with your existing software. No need to throw away all your old investments, we can help breathe a new life to them. Check out meddela to see how you can easily use our software to add SMS notifications to your existing system. We also very good at writing adapters; little systems that sit in between other systems and help them communicate and work together. With niafikra all your software and devices will play nicely with each other. Niafikra strives to live to the first three letters of its name (nia integrates all). We make software that is highly integrated and plays well with our existing software, to get an idea take a sneak peak at inaya.

Resource constrained?

Not a problem, being a company founded in a developing country, niafikra understands the challenges that developing countries face, (trust us; we grew up here). For that reason one of niafikra's aim is to develop software for developing countries.


Nothing works better in developing countries like SMS and USSD, very few people and organisations can afford to buy a smart phone but most of them can afford to buy a phone. SMS and USSD are available on any phone!

Niafikra has the capability of creating software that exploits SMS and USSD hence helping to lower your costs and reach a wider audience.


niafikra's team has in depth knowledge of the Java ecosystem. Our core technology is Java and its beautiful scripting counterpart Groovy, With a working knowledge on key Java technology like Hibernate, Spring, JPA , GRAILS and STP we are well equipped to solve any problem.

Having Java as our core technology means we can develop software across many devices and technologies; from Desktop Apps, Web-Apps, Android, J2ME, SmartCards to Embedded Devices.

But as the wise men say; “If a hammer is the only tool you have, then every problem will look like a nail” To avoid falling into this trap our team is also equipped with skills in Coffeescript, Javascript, PHP and Scala
Obviously we do have skills in the usual suspects; HTML, CSS and SQL.

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